grape Vitis vines. It is native to western Asia and is now widely cultivated throughout China. Fruits can be eaten raw, made from raisins, and brewed. Rattan and roots are used medicinally. The flesh is preferably cultivated, and the vines and roots of wild grapes are preferred.   The taste is sweet, flat, astringent and non-toxic. […]

Effects of fresh squid

Effects of fresh squid Squid is a mollusk, which is a kind of squid. It has a conical body, pale body, hazel spots, a large head, 10 feet in front, and triangular shaped meat fins, often swimming in groups of about 20Meters of the ocean. In taxonomy, squid is an animal belonging to the mollusc […]

It’s easy to lose fat

It’s easy to lose fat Hyperlipidemia is one of the major risk factors for atherosclerosis and therefore has serious consequences. Exercise therapy is considered to be one of the powerful methods for comprehensive prevention of hyperlipidemia. For healthy middle-aged and elderly people, proper exercise can prevent the increase of blood lipids; for people who already […]