Four Yoga Diet Recipes

Four Yoga Diet Recipes Here I introduce to you several raw food diet recipes: (1) Vegetable (fruit) salad material: Choose the type and quantity of vegetables (fruit) according to personal preference.   Method: First, wash all vegetables that need to be used as materials and shred them (fruits are diced). Then, put all the ingredients in […]

Differential meals in early pregnancy

Differential meals in early pregnancy In the early stages of pregnancy, females sometimes experience slight dizziness, nausea, and food choices. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is because the menstruation is stopped, and the pulse of Qi (rushing to the sea of blood) must not go down and rush upward, which affects the gas and […]

Anti-age spell

Anti-age spell Mild ladies, are you anti-aging today? Don’t think that when you are young, you will not be accustomed to aging. In fact, after 25 years of age, the anti-aging project will officially start. Prevent skin aging as soon as possible. After making an appointment for 10 years, you will win the school flower […]

Grain cereals health and anti-cancer longevity helper_1

Grain cereals health and anti-cancer longevity helper Outstanding health, can not help but say grains. The International Health Organization and the International Association of the Elderly have conducted surveys on the dietary habits of long-lived elderly people, and found that 50% of long-lived elderly people often eat miscellaneous grains and vegetarian food. Grain cereals are […]