2015 Chilean America Cup final-Chile 4-1 Argentina win Messi blocked _1

2015 Chilean America Cup final-Chile 4-1 Argentina win Messi blocked
At 4:00 on July 5th, Beijing time (4:17 local time in Chile), the 44th America’s Cup final was played at the National Stadium in Santiago. Argentina scored 0-0 with the host Chile in 120 minutes. The penalty shootout lost 1-4. 22 yearsStill missing the honor of the competition, Chile won the championship for the first time.Di Maria got off the court due to injury and substitute Higuain missed the lore in stoppage time.The Messi national team’s official match sports goal score reached 1079 minutes.Penalty shootout, Higuain and Banega missed.  The Argentinian America’s Cup has remained undefeated against Chile 24 times. It has only lost 1 of 34 Copa America in Chile (Uruguay in 1926). In the America’s Cup held in Chile, Argentina won the runner-up in the first 2 sessions and then won the championship in the following 4 sessions (1941, 1945, 1955, 1991), defeated Chile at the National Stadium of Santiago in 1941 and 1995.Martino followed the semi-finals starting.Messi and the trophy wipe the shoulders of the national team’s first America’s Cup Chile hit the first America’s Cup trophy.Coach Sang Pauli only adjusted 2 people in the back defense, Francisco Silva replaced Rojas, and Boséjo replaced Alvonos as the left brake.  The head coaches of both sides are Argentines, this is the first time in the history of the America’s Cup by the coach of the same country finals.Of the 22 starters on both sides, only Messi (2007) and Mascherano (2004 and 2007) played in the Copa America finals.The captains of both teams, Bravo and Messi, are from Barcelona. They played in the 2nd America’s Cup finals on July 4. Both captains were club teammates (1993, Rugeri and Hugo Sanchez, Americas).  Messi hugged with former Barcelona teammate Sanchez as the two players shook hands before the game.After the opening, the attack and defense rhythm was very fast, and the Chilean scene was dominant.In the 11th minute, Sanchez broke into the right side of the penalty area, Otamendi was not far away, Vidal volleyed his left foot 13 meters in front of the goal and was blocked by Romero.  Argentina only shot for the first time in the 20th minute. Messi took a free kick on the right side. Aguero nodded a header and Bravo, who was guarding the corner, tried to seal it.Di Maria injured his right leg hamstring, Lavezzi warmed up to play, this is the second early substitution in the history of the America’s Cup final, only after 1987 (19th minute).After missing the final at the World Cup last year, Di Maria regretted the final again.In stoppage time in the first half, Pastore broke into the top of the penalty zone and made a quick stop. Lavezzi was shot by 12 meters in front of the door and was confiscated by Bravo.  In the first half, Chile received three yellow cards.Messi Argentina’s official match sports goals scored more than 1,000 minutes.At the beginning of the second half, Sanchez took the ball on the right and Vidal nodded and got it by Romero.Vidal was kicked by Mascherano and hurt his leg. He was lifted off the court by a stretcher but returned to the court soon.  Both sides made adjustments, Higuain replaced Aguero, Fernandez replaced Valdivia.Then Banega replaced Pastore and Argentina ran out of substitutions.In the 82nd minute, Arangis sent a header from the right and Sanchez turned 9 meters in front of the goal and missed the far post.  Messi’s skull cut off the opponent’s free throw and went straight to the frontcourt. Ravizi pushed into the net, but the offside came first.At the end of the two-minute stoppage time, Argentina almost staged a lore!Messi counter-attacked the ball, Ravizi made a low pass from the left, Higuain scored and hit the side net afterwards.  Messi had only 63 touches in 90 minutes of regular time, setting the lowest personal data for the current America’s Cup.The two sides exchanged white papers for 90 minutes and had to enter overtime.There are 8 overtime goals in the history of the Copa America, with Argentina (1937) and Chile (1987) accounting for two each.Enriquez replaced Vargas.Lavezie had cramps.In the 105th minute, Bravo took off the corner of the opponent and vigorously threw the ball to urge the counterattack. The Argentine defender missed the ball and Sanchez shot into the penalty area on the right side with a diagonal shot.Mascherano also had cramps, but Argentina had no one to change, and he limped back to the court.  Easy side to fight again, the two sides still have no achievements, the America’s Cup final entered the penalty shootout for the third time.Argentine match 8 penalties and 4 losses (3 wins and 3 losses in the America’s Cup), 60 penalties scored 48; penalties in Chile match 0 wins and 2 losses (0 wins and 1 loss in the Americas Cup), 9 penalties scored 5Pcs.In the first round, Fernandes vigorously scored in the upper left corner, Messi advanced to the lower right corner, 1:1.In the second round, Vidal pushed from Romero’s men into the lower left corner!Higuain fights hard!2 to 1.In the third round, Arangis advanced to the lower right corner, and Banega also pushed the lower right corner, but was confiscated by Bravo!3 to 1.In the fourth round, Sanchez rubbed a small spoon overnight, 4 to 1!He took off his jersey and celebrated wildly.He is the second player in the America’s Cup to score in the penalty spot after Abru in 2007 (semi-final against Brazil).  Chile’s 173 America’s Cup finally reached the top for the first time and became the 6th America’s Cup champion team.Following the 2007 Copa America and the 2014 World Cup, Messi lost his third adult national team final.Mascherano became the first player in the history of the Copa America to lose in all three finals.Chile (4-3-1-2): 1-Bravo (Captain)/ 4-Isra, 17-Medel, 5-Franco Silva, 15-Boseju/8-Vidal, 21-Dias, 20-Arangis/ 10-Valdivia (75′ Matthias-Fernandez)/ 7-Sanchez, 11-Eduardo Vargas (96’22-EnriKex) Argentina (4-3-3): 1-Romero/4-Sabaletta, 15-Demichelis, 17-Otamendi, 16-Rojo/6-Biglia, 14-Mascherano, 21-Pastore (81’19-Banega) / 10- Messi (captain), 11-Aguero (74’9-Higuain), 7-Di Maria (29’22-Ravizi) (Ma Ge)